5 Best Alternatives To Age Of Empires, For Android!

Alternatives Games For Age of Empires

A quick list of best alternative games like age of empire game that you can get for your android smartphones. Check the list below.


Available on: Android and iOS

Price: FREE (with in-game purchases)

Size: 0.99 GB

The center of attraction in Dawn of Titans is its out of the world graphics, and it’s surely going to grab your attention right from the very moment you enter into this game. The textures and details of this game are comparable to console-level graphics, that too on a smartphone. In a medium range smartphone, this game vows to run smoothly enough, with minimal frame drops. Also, there’s a really guided walk through to all the steps and tasks involved in the game, right at the beginning, which serves the players as a tutorial. Dawn of Titans is very similar to the Age of Kingdoms II, on the terms on its concept of an old-school RTS gameplay.

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Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Paid (with in-app purchases)

Size: 93 MB

Unlike games like Clash of Clans, this RTS game has no waiting time for training and upgrading troops or producing resources. This progressiveness has given War Commander: Rogue Assault a special edge in the world of strategical gameplay. You’ve got metal factories and storage units, oil factories and oil storage tanks, and other such resources which are utilized to re-build or upgrade your territory. The diversity of weapons and armaments have got me amazed while playing this game. If you’ve ever played Star Wars: Empire at War, you’re going to find a large number of similarities in their structure and designing. But the only factor for which War Commander: Rogue Assault holds the favourite spot is the negligible wait-time for any activity in the game.


Available on: Android and iOS

Price: FREE (with in-app purchases)

Size: 298 MB

It’s an action-packed strategy game and building simulator, in which you can conquer the entire world. The most attractive feature of Instant War is its ‘Daily Tasks’ section. These tasks are really fun and exciting to perform. But it’s extremely time-consuming, as the wait-time for various processes in the game is tremendously long, so it’s important to devote enough time to it.

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  1. ANOMALY 2

Available on: Android and iOS

Price: Paid (with in-app purchases)

Size: 1.2 GB

Anomaly 2 is a really high paced and instincts-based RTS game. I appreciate it mostly for the realistic graphics that it features. When top-notch designs combine with strategical gameplay, that’s what produces a game like Anomaly 2. Although it is paid, for both the platforms, I’d suggest that you can feel your money being valued for, once you install and play this wonderful game. Action-based sequels and the matching characters have made Anomaly 2 stand way ahead of many top-ranked mobile strategy games.


Available on: Android and iOS

Price: FREE (with in-app purchases)

Size: 71 MB

Last but not least, Battleplans for Android and iOS will be an outstanding option for Age of Kingdoms II admirers, because of its simplistic gameplay and higly attractive characters and missions.

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