5 Games Like Diablo 3 For Android That Are Really Awesome

games similar to diablo 3

Here are Top 5 Games Like Diablo 3 that you would love to play on your android devices. This list is based on user reviews, ratings, popularity and our personal experience. Check it out.

  1. Bladebound

Bladebound is one of the most fluid and fast-paced high-quality action-based hack and slash RPGs. It’s an awesome genre that it gets into. It’s a campaign based game, where you need a certain amount of energy points to level up.

There are a bunch of different and creative weapons and armors, and other types of equipment. Each monster in the game has a unique effect on different types of equipment, so you can decide the weapons that you’re gonna take depending on the enemy that you’re going to fight. On completing various quests in this game, you can get several rewards for free.

Overall if you’re a Diablo fan, and want some sort of that experience in another game, you can trust on Bladebound.

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  1. Wild Blood

Wild Blood has surely brought an evolution to the design of the games developed by Gameloft. Featuring many other similar components, famous properties, and even from some of their own games. Wild Blood is like the gaming equivalent of Shake and Bake.

Wild Blood’s storyline is too silly to be even worth mentioning. King Arthur distraught over his beloved’s apparent infidelity, has decided to take sides with the enemy, and open the gates of hell, to wreak havoc on the lands. His once-trusted Knight Launcelot together with other notable names from Arthurian Legend takes up the task to stop the doom and gloom.

So, even if the story’s a lot boring than expected, the gameplay will surely convince your senses.

  1. Shadowblood

If you’re on a lookout for a great RPG on Android, then you’d probably want to consider trying out Shadowblood for at least once in a lifetime. It’s sort of an action RPG but seems to have more action-based events, and only a few RPG elements in the gameplay.

The capable tutorial section is the best perk for any gamer, as it teaches you every aspect of the game, in a really thorough manner. Shadowblood is kind of a freemium game, and in order to greatly enhance your weapons, it’s advisable to make some purchases from the in-game store, even though it’s not compulsory doing so.

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  1. Titan Quest

This game is essentially like Diablo but much slower than the recent Diablo 3, but the visuals are much better. You have quests to complete, and can build and customize your character however you want.

Fighting and completing quests gives you skill points, based on which your level in the game would be decided. The controls and combat mechanics in this game are much similar to Diablo’s earlier editions, thus making it an ideal choice for old-school RPG lovers.

  1. Dungeon Hunter 5

DH5 is an action based RPG that’s highly dependent on combat mechanics with specific environmental weaknesses, looting treasure, leveling up and fighting the odd yet epic boss. The incredibly fast-paced gameplay is a treat to advanced level gamers, who can start playing it right away without having to be dependent upon the tutorials.

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