All Ways To Earn Resources In King Of Avalon Faster


Tons of MMO battle games are out there by the game industry, King of Avalon is one of them getting more fame all over the world. The set contains various amazing missions that gamers need to complete for going ahead.

We can easily that understanding all the facts of King of Avalon help users to explore endless fun and reduce daily life mental stress.

Well, one can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices. Also, there is no need to pay charges to play because developers freely offered it for both methods.

For progressing in King of Avalon game faster, users need to adopt various strategic plans besides the need to collect more resources.

Each resource plays a vital role in the game besides contains its benefits. Players need to receive more for gaining an array of benefits, bonuses as well as strategic points. If you are the one who doesn’t know anything about King of Avalon resources, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Kinds of resources

There are four kinds of resources added in King of Avalon game named-

  • Food
  • Wood
  • Iron ore
  • Silver

Food and wood are natural to collect in the early stages of performing multiple tasks. Iron ore and Silver can only obtain after completing level 10.

With the help of food, users can make their troops as well as dragons more powerful. From other resources, they can build their mighty kingdom.

Methods to obtain resources

There are plenty of ways available in King of Avalon game to collect these resources, but players need to spend some effort and time.

Here we are going to mention some top methods to earn all resources in a more massive amount. Focus on the mentioned ways more in order to gain an array of benefits as well as the chance to become a pro player.

  • Farming

Farming is one of the popular raw methods to grow food and other resources from mines. They can quickly harvest different farms in their kingdom to obtain resources occasionally without getting stressed. Try to collect more items for completing every work smoothly.

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  • Upgrade sawmills and farms

Upgrades are available for each item or building after a specific time. Gamers need to keep their farms, sawmills, buildings upgrade always to gain additional bonuses. With the help of in-game currencies besides in-app purchases feature, you can perform this work faster.

  • Send your troops to collect resources

Players are allowed to send their troops to manage all resources from selected areas. Select a resource point and occupation for doing this job.

After that, troops can automatically collect resources from the given areas. Make sure that you wait until the resources collection reaches the upper limit. It helps you to build the empire faster with those resources besides progress more quickly.

  • Upgrade resource load cap

Try to upgrade the resources load cap in order to gain it in a massive amount. After that, you can use dragons, troops, and a mighty army to perform this work efficiently.


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