Alternatives of Microsoft office software

Office software is the basic need of every computer, and it is must to have the software on the computer. The software helps in doing all the documentation related to the office working. It helps in making the working extremely easier. But before working on the software, there is one thing of which one needs to take care of, and that is to choose the best one. There is different software available, so it makes it easier for an individual to decide which software will suit the best to their working. When it comes to making a choice for the software, it is also must to know about different software rather knowing about the only one Microsoft office software. Look at other alternatives also; it might one will find the better option.


There are many ms office alternative softwares available, few of those alternatives are:-

WPS Office software

It is the office software which can come in use at windows, linux and at android also. The software help in supporting the Microsoft file formats. It has a cross platform system. There is only one issue with this software and which is, it contains a lot of ads in it. It is the slimmed down version software which is of the premium office suite. The programs in the software look like the latest version of word excel and power point. It is the ultimate software which is having lots of features in it. The support system of file formats is also excellent which helps the person to save their working in the native Microsoft formats. This feature helps in making the sharing easier of the documentation. Yes, the ads come in this software, but these ads never disturb anyone when the working is going on.

Polaris office software

The Polaris office software is the one software which is available for the desktop and mobile both. In this software, 1 GB cloud storage is available. One problem is there with this software also which is that it is bundled with extra software. It is the cross platform software which is free to use and available on windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Even in the Samsung sets, the software already exists there as it is pre installed in those sets. The Polaris office software is the cloud based software that is why it is must in it to sign up with Facebook or Google. The software can get connected with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft too. It can help in saving the work on the device also. If one will upgrade the Polaris account, then it will help in meeting with extra features also.

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Here are only two alternatives shown which are also competitive from Microsoft. One can easily use this software in place of Microsoft ones. All software cannot work on all PCs. Each PC is suitable for little software. So make sure while choosing the one, first, look that it will suit to the computer or not.


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