Android emulators-which one is best to use!

best android emulator for windows

The android emulator is the one software which comes in use to play the games on big screens. It is the third party source by which one can access Google Play Store too.

The popularity of software is increasing day by day as the interest in gaming is increasing. There are many emulators available which make it hard to choose the one.

Choosing the best one is a little tricky, but we will sort this issue here in the post. We will discuss some emulators. If in case, any one will suit your system then adopting that will be the right choice.

Who use the emulators?

These emulators come in use for three main reasons. The first one is for gaming which is common. People use these emulators for mobile games to play on computers in an easier manner.

There are many emulators available for gaming such as Bluestacks, MeMu, KoPlayer, and Nox. The second use of emulators is in case of development. And the final use of the emulator is the helping of the emulator in productivity.

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The Genymotion is not a normal and common android emulator. The software is designed by targeting the developers only. This software helps people to test the applications on different devices with having different versions of Android.

The emulator is made for the Android SDK and Android Studio. Even though, it works the linux and macOS. The software is made for the developers only. It runs the version of 4.1 to 8.0.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the software which is having integrated development environment from Google. It is the software which is specially made to provide features to the developers.

The software is having lots of tools which help the developers to test their applications and to build them too. It is totally free software which can be used by everyone. It is the Google official emulators which use to provide regular updates.

Remix OS

The Remix OS is not like the other android emulators. It is the total android OS which can boot up also. One can put the software into the USB device.

The software can be installed but on a separate partition. The emulator is great software which can do the productivity also of different applications. But there is one problem that arises in it which is; it does not support heavy gaming. It is totally free software which is having a new file manager also.


The ARChon is a great android emulator which is having heavy traffic of users. The software is started at the time when three applications get support from Google on the Web Browser. If one is supposed to play hardcore gaming, then this software is not a good option to choose.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will choose the right one as per the requirement of the player. It is not possible to claim one emulator as the best one. Each one is best with having specific features for different computers.

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