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best free anrtivirus for pc

Are you the one who is looking for the antivirus for their PC for providing protection? If yes then don’t worry until we are here.

In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will break out some of the things which one should consider when it comes to finding the best antivirus software.

Along with this, we will provide some information about different antivirus software also. The information will help an individual to know about which software they should pick according to their requirements.

There is much antivirus software available so choosing the right one can create little confusion among people. So let’s start the discussion now regarding the antivirus software.

How to choose

There are many things which one should consider to know which antivirus software will work best. Few of those things are:-

Easy to use

It is the most common and primary thing which one should look when it comes to choosing any of the antiviruses. There is different software available that is why it is must to have the one which can come in use easily. The software should easily get navigated and should easily use on the touch screen devices.

The software should have better features, but they should be understandable also by a little knowledgeable person also.

Software support service

Nothing is as easy as one think. One should choose the one software which is having the feature of the support system. In case if anyone will feel doubted for anything while using the software then with the help of this support system they can easily get cleared with their issues.

Reputation of software

It is also a very important thing which is must to be covered. Everyone use antivirus for their computers so the software should have a better reputation also among people for its usage.

So when you will look for the one software, try to pick the one who is having a good reputation in the market.

Get awareness about the cost

It is also an important thing about which one should take care of. There is some software which is free in providing the service, but on the other side, there is some software which charges some amount also.

If someone is looking for the free ones, then look properly before choosing the one.

Different software

There is different antivirus software available so choosing the one is all upon the requirement of the user. Some of the antivirus software is:-

  • Lavasoft Ad-aware
  • eScan antivirus tool kit
  • Trend micro house cell
  • Malwarebytes anti malware
  • Panda free antivirus
  • Zone alarm free antivirus
  • AVG
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Avira

These are some antivirus software, so it is up to the person which one they want to pick.


The antivirus software has its own features, and every feature has its own pros and cons. It depends on the requirement of the user which will make them decide for the one which will protect the PC properly.

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