Empires And Puzzles Hack Cheats To Earn Free Gems

empires and puzzles hack cheats

Empires And Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles is a perfect combination of the RPG and match-three puzzles that keep everyone hooked up for hours of gameplay. Small giant is the developer of the game and has made a unique combination of these two game genre, which requires strategic playing. The game is free to play, but there is a growing demand for the main currencies.

Whether the developers are too demanding for the game currency purchase? This question is standing in many players mind. In reality, you might feel so since there are many offers and deals given by the devs while playing the game. But apart from all, we believe you can play it without spending cash.

All you need the ideal empires and puzzles cheats that we are going to provide you in this article.

Top Empires And Puzzles Hack and Cheats For Free Gems.

Building Your City

When you start playing your game, the prime factor that will be in your daily task is to develop your city. You will have stronghold as your base castle that determines the level and upgrades you can do for all your structures of the city.

Apart from stronghold the other two most prominent structure, you should concentrate on is iron mine and farm. Iron and food are the two resource you will require to upgrade any structure. Apart from them, there are iron storage, food storage house, training camp and craft.

Now when you play with all such resources, you need to make a priority on creating these structures as well as upgrading. The foremost among empires and puzzles cheats of the game is you should upgrade all these structures to an equal level of the stronghold. One  should also check out some best cheats explained by no survey no human verification where they wrote about Empires and Puzzles Cheats: Top 8 Empires and Puzzles Hack for Free Gems Legally

Upgradation of the stronghold will require iron, so your iron storage should be kept in parallel. What happens when you do not upgrade all the structures and upgrade stronghold?

Firstly stronghold cannot be upgraded without iron, so it comes as a priority. Secondly, if you improve the stronghold, you will face high-level teams in the raid mode. Your heroes might not get through them if your training camp is of the lower level.

Follow this empires and puzzles hack and keep the balance of your progress.

How to Gather Resources

As the owner of the city, you can develop your city the way you like. But if want go high and get some reward from the empires and puzzles game you need to establish coordination between all resources. Here is our empires and puzzles cheats regarding this.

  • Food and the iron, both are the prime requirement of this game. But in some essential cases, food goes in a higher mark. So, we suggest following the ratio of five to two to build up the farm and the mines. It will be advantageous to gather more food to upgrade any of your characters.
  • Next important point is the watchtower; after that, you need to create homes, warehouses and camp. It is suggested that, before starting the upgradation, you need to keep your iron stock is 30% more than essential.

Cheats to Get Gems After Completing The Mission:

On successful completion of the task, you will get rewarded with the gem. Consistency to the tasks is the slow but steady way to get a regular flow of gem to enrich your gem collection. These are some of the primary activities you need to complete to reward of the diamonds.

  • Build up your first iron mine and collect 100 gems.
  • When you build up to two farms, you will get three gems
  • Get three gems  after successful completion of your first mission
  • Get three gems  when you Level up heroes to level 10
  • Upgrade up to level 3 of the stronghold and get five gems
  • When you Build two houses, you will get three gems
  •  Get two gems after Building of two mines.
  • In every 8 hours, you get to watch a video in Watchtower videos. From that, You can earn three gems in every 8 hours
  • Crafting five battle items getting you three gems
  • Check out your inbox for a reward of five gems as a greeting message
  • Sign in with Facebook and get 50 gems.

So try to use this cheats for empires and puzzles and get gems frequently.

Make a Suitable Upgrading Time

At the initial level, you will be able to upgrade the structures with minimum resources and time.  But at a higher level, the upgrade requires a long time. You can skip the waiting with gems. But we have empires and puzzles cheats which can save your gem spending. Always upgrade at the night when you are going to sleep. By the time you start playing again, your structure will be updated or majorly finished.

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Level up Your Heroes Effectively

Each level up of your hero’s results an increase of 10 points. But, we suggested that the level up of your heroes will efficiently work since a hero’s rise will improve your troop and not others. Follow our suggestion for empires and puzzles hack tool to upgrade heroes. Please don’t download or level up the heroes which you are not using.

You should try to increase the level up of your same colour heroes, which increase experiences. In the training camp, fodder characters cost a lesser amount. The extraordinary personality you have can also generate a more significant amount of food.

Reach Level 10 of The Stronghold at the Earliest

There are multiple benefits if upgrading the stronghold to level 10. The First cheats for empires and puzzles are you can improve your troops once your stronghold is level 10. Besides hero upgradation troops are equally essential to win any match.

Next, as you reach this level, we will advise creating two training camp and two craft. Now most players debate on creating these structures more than one. I would say at stronghold level 10 upgrade one of your training camps up to level 10 and create another camp and upgrade it up to level 4.

There will be times when you might be in a shortage of training sword and cannot create any hero in training camp-1. It will create a surplus of the recruits in your game, and you might exceed the maximum recruit limit.

Use low cost common and uncommon hero option in both training camp to save wastage of recruits after any match. These slowly trained heroes require food only, but the empires and puzzles hack are you will get the same heroes of a single star at random from the process.

Unlock Quest.

Quest mode unlocks at level 10 of empires and puzzle game. This quest mode is another best way to get elements that you require in the game. The best empires and puzzles hack is there is no binding of the quest mode, and you can choose to play any of you want. All these quest modes require additional world energy tickets. So you should be careful in using them

Regarding quest, our empires and puzzles cheats for the beginners are straightforward.  Delve into those quests that mark very easy to medium. At the lower level, unless you have upgraded legendary heroes in your team, winning quests that are hard or harder is difficult. Only your world energy gets wasted. Instead, wait for the next quest and play in the same strategy.

Play Lower Levels When Stuck

Empires and puzzles story mode consists of several regions to conquer. As you progress through these regions, there might come one point when the hero upgradation is not sufficient to beat the level. The empires and puzzles hack are you must concentrate on the lower levels and side quests at that point of time. Your progress will be running, and you can still get all the resources and diamonds.

What is Empires And Puzzles Gems Generator?

You have surely found some gem generator when you are in searching of gems for empires and Puzzle. These generator sites proclaim to know how to hack empires and puzzles. But, this is not the real picture. Here we are going to tell the story behind the empires and puzzles hack, who are trying this for the first time.

These Empires and puzzles Gems Generator sites declare to have empires and puzzles hack tool which will provide your station with a massive flow of gem directly from the server. Don’t be so sure, and all glitters are not gold.

Although they are telling us such foolish ideas, many followers trust these sites, which results in a considerable flow of visitors and bounces. In our opinion, these sites must be avoided in totality. Instead, use our legit and workable cheats for empires and puzzles.

Here is the justification of this article of empires and puzzles cheats to guide you to stay away from those fake site to lose your game rewards or to get some Trojan viruses


We conclude our article here with the belief that you will surely follow our above empires and puzzles cheats and get through the game quickly. Many gamers have made the game through without any spending of money following the hack stated above.

The biggest turn is the speed of the game, which cannot be adapted like other games of its kind. Here comes the effective use of our gameplay hack. So play the game efficiently and comment about your experience below.


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