How to Form the Perfect Team in the Summoners War at the Beginning

summoners war team building guide

For every type of challenge in the Summoners War, you must create different teams. We will concentrate on multi-functions in this part of the guide.

It is essential┬áto be aware of the roles specific monsters can play in the formation of a team. You must better understand to choose the monsters you possess┬ámost efficiently instead of focusing on a roster of the “best monsters.”

Summoners war monster battles are no different than other RPG game, and you must have all sort of monsters to choose from below three categories.

Defender or Tank:

Defenders are the best monster with high Armour power. It might not have high attacking power since his job is to attract the attention of your opponent. They work as a shield of your team.


Their objective is primarily to land attack on the enemy line and create maximum damage. You must choose your best monster with high attacking power as your Damage dealer.

You must look at the sub-stat of the Runes of your attacker and upgrade the corresponding runes primarily.


Though healers are not best attacker or defender, every team must have one best healer. Their job is to heal the damaged player to regain some additional energy.

The team must consist of one excellent defender, one healer and the highest attacker. In Summoners war, you need to choose a leader.

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In our suggestion, you must select either defender or attacker as a leader. You must choose your best monster among these two as your leader. Some of the cheats for summoners war is great to hunt the best of one that you may find online.

Know the strength and weakness of your opponent in Summoners war before you go for any match. Also, the battle system shows you the advantage and disadvantage through arrow sign on the enemy.

You can choose from the green, yellow or red arrow to select the enemy on which you want to land your attack.

2 And 3 Star Monsters Best For Beginners

When you start the game, you will be given one three-star monster. Gradually you will start gaining new monsters as you play the battles. At these moments, these two and three-star monsters are to be depended on for the scenario monsters.

Use Angelmon and Devilmon

When you start playing Dungeons, you will get more beneficial monsters, but at this stage, it is equally essential to use Material monsters properly.

Material-like creatures are Devilmon and Angelmon. The Devilmon Cave and Glory Shop are places where you will find Devilmon, while the Angelmones can be discovered throughout the Angel Garden and also in elemental dungeons.

Devilmon can improve the attributes of all of your monsters, while Angelmon can give EXP. You need to use other elemental Angelmon with almost the same sort of monsters in your custom.

Rainbow Angelmon fits well in your group with any elemental Monster.

Summoners war has more than 1000 monster variety, and it is essential to pick the best monsters in the gameplay to win all battles. Keep our above guide handy in making your choice.

We didn’t specify any particular name as it is upon you to find your favourite one.


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