how to play wwe supercard game

How to Play WWE SuperCard Game in 2019

how to play wwe supercard game

WWE Supercard is a fantastic card-battling RPG genre introduced by Cat Daddy games.

One can easily play the game on both iOS as well as Android platforms. Players don’t need to pay any single cent for downloading or playing the game as it is entirely free launch. The match is perfect for those people who love wrestling or fights.

Gamers need to create a team of mighty wrestlers, collect more cards, to fight in challenges or with different opponents. Special multiplayer modes available in the game which allow users to play with their friends besides explore endless entertainment.

When it comes to progress in WWE Supercard game faster or to buy different items, players need to maintain in-game currencies wisely. Each set contains some currencies from which various tasks can be performed smoothly.

WWE Supercard game includes two main kinds of currencies that can be used for different purpose easily. It’s not an easy task for users to earn currencies, but also there is no need to worry more.

Some game tasks are available, which helps them to make all currencies without spending real money. You can earn free credits using simple tricks mentioned on :

  • Credits
  • Energy


Credits play a significant role in the game from which users can upgrade and purchase new cards. Having this currency in right amount permits you to win more battles easily by improving wrestlers.

Winning every battle offers a specific amount of credits to users, so they need to use it wisely. Also, with the help of this currency, you can buy rare card sometimes, which are more powerful as compared to common ones.


Energy also plays a crucial role in the WWE Supercard game from which needy tasks can be performed. Having at-least 5 energy in the storage helps users to play the king of the ring tournament.

Also, with the help of this currency, you can revive the cards when it gets wear out in king of the ring tournament. There are different ways available to earn this currency, but users need to put some efforts.

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Players need to win exhibition matches, small events, ladders, and chairs to make this kind of currency efficiently.

The Wise Use of Credits And Energy

One of the essential things that every player needs to keep in mind while playing the game is to use currencies carefully. Some players spend lots of currencies at unwanted things which make progress slow. We would like to inform you about fake things promoted by different unknown websites, Many websites will ask you to use wwe supercard generator for credits and energy. Then do not fall in that trap.

If you really need to progress in the game faster or want to become a pro player, then learn how to maintain currencies wisely. It’s not as hard as gamers need to use them at needy stuff first then on upgradable items.

So always try to perform this job correctly without facing a lack of resources or any other issue.

Final Words

We can easily conclude that currencies play a significant role in the game from which all tasks can be performed smoothly.

Also following the above information seriously allow users to earn credits as well as energy in the proper amount.


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