KissCartoon Website Features

Parents always worry about their children to find a free and child-friendly website where their children can watch cartoons. This website contains all the cartoons for the children.

You will get a wide range of cartoons on this website which will help your children to watch totally free cartoons. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the special features of this website.

Feature of the website

Cartoon list

This website contains a ‘cartoon list’ button where you can just click, and the whole list will appear in front of you. It contains all the famous American, Japanese, Korean, cartoon list. You will find a huge list of cartoons of all the genres in this button.

Search bar

To make it more user-friendly a search bar appears on the top of the screen where you can search whatever you want, and it will appear in front of you. Almost all the cartoons are available on this website which your kid will love.

If you want to find a show which is not easily found on the cartoon list, then you can simply go to the search bar and start watching.


This is a very special feature available on this site where all the Asian cartoons are listed.  There are a lot of Asian cartoons who are prevalent among users, and a lot of Asian audiences is connected through this site. All the Asian cartoons can be easily found under this option


For all the Anime lovers, this site is the best. Both cartoon and anime are available on this site. When you click on this button, the whole anime list will appear in front of you. Anime fans are always in a hunt for the free website, so this will be a complete package. You will find all the shows here which are totally free.

Old kisscartoon

If you want to watch the old shows on KissCartoon and also want to know more about what is kisscartoon, then this option will help you to find the whole list of old cartoons. This option contains the whole list of old shows so you can enjoy all the shows here.

Advance search

If you want to search for something different which is not easily found on the normal search bar, you can find here. For the rare shows which cannot found easily, are found here easily. This advanced search bar is a unique feature of this website.

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To give it a more user-friendly experience, a report button is given on the top of the screen.  If the users have any complaints or need help, they can just report there, and the problems will be resolved by the support team.

This feature helps the users so their doubts can be clear easily.

Bottom words

Due to all these features, this website is prevalent among users. Parents do not have to worry about their children’s whereabouts on this site. The good thing about this website is everything is free here. This is a complete package for all the anime and cartoon fans.


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