Legit Skyrim Cheats To Boost Your Performance In The Game

How many times have you been dreadfully stuck at any stage of Skyrim, wondering about what to do next? Well, we have got your back in those cases. We will be presenting you a few simple Skyrim hacks and tricks, to get out from any difficult situation in the game.

Simple Skyrim Hacks and Tricks to Level Up Easily

Diseases’ cure lies in the sky:

Yes, that’s right. At any point in the game, if you find yourself devoid of any health potion to cure a disease that you’ve caught, it’s advisable to simply grab up the bow and an arrow, and look up to the sky to hunt a hawk flying by.

  • The feathers of a hawk are an excellent source of resistance against any disease in your body.
  • Eating these feathers can give you an instant immunity boost and avoid any deadly consequence of the disease.

Make Venison Stew:

Preparing such a stew requires Venison salt pile, a potato and a leek. You can find salt piles and potatoes in almost every kitchen around the world of Skyrim.

  • Instead of selling off the leeks that you’ve been collecting, you can utilize them in making Venison Stew.
  • Venison Stew is extremely helpful in improving your health constantly for a good period of time.

Using the skill books for maximum benefits:

All over the game’s huge world, you can find many books. But most of them are boring and too exaggerated to be read completely and understand each and every point mentioned in it. The skill books, on the other hand, are an interesting source of gaining more knowledge and experience regarding the game.

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  • Reading through every such skill book rewards you a certain number of skill points, which indicate your overall rating in the game.
  • If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to go through such skill books as a must, because they can help you discover many unknown tips and tricks.

Wait for the shops to restock:

Shops in the city take almost 48-hours to regain gold and re-stock the other items.

Thus, I’d suggest you wait for this time period because it will make buying and selling items through the shop extremely convenient.

Best way to restore your bars:

After a certain period of time, your health, stamina and magical powers keep improving automatically. Only time and patience is required to let yourself heal up completely.

There’s no need for spending extra resources on gathering health potions for such reasons. All the similar games like skyrim has this provision as it becomes very needy for the game developers to keep earning the revenue from these games to maintain their service costs for the game. And Yes, they do deserve this. After all they have made the game to earn money.

Always go for standing Stones:

Stones such as the Steed Stone increases your carrying capacity. The Lover Stone uplifts your skill gains by 15 %.

Use Daggers more often:

They are regarded as the most silent and lethal weapon in the game for close-range hunting.

  • One of the best daggers to use is the Mehrune’s Razor. It has excellent and sharp attacks for nearer preys.
  • You can get the 15 damage points by just a single hit kill on other people.

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