MangaPanda Review: a genuine review of MangaPanda

Reading Manga is an adorable timepass by millions of people around the globe. There are a lot of sites where you can watch it online.

But MangaPanda is the one where you can watch it free, and the best part is it comes in the English language. Manga is Japanese comics started in the 19th century, so it was not easy to access by foreign people.

Now because of this great website, users around the globe can watch it without any hindrance. From old ones to the latest, everything is found here.

This site is a complete package for the Manga fans. Here I am going to explain mention below about what is mangapanda and what are the unique features of the site.

Surprise me!!

As the name sounds, it carries a surprise for you always. Whenever you click on this icon, you will get a new Manga which you never watched before. The users very much like this option as it shows a lot of new and exciting Manga. This feature is the reason why so many people love this website.

Popular Manga

This icon appears on the site which contains all the popular Manga. This icon helps a lot to users who want to watch popular ones instantly. You will get all the popular Manga from old ones to the latest ones here.

Latest releases

When you click on this icon which appears on the top of the site, you will get all the latest Manga. It is a handy icon for those who watch Manga on a daily basis, which helps them get all the latest updates. There a lot of new releases every week, so this icon enables them to find the all-new Manga.

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Older Manga

It contains the whole list of all the older Mangas. It makes it easy to find all the old ones at a separate place, which increases the subscribers of the website. There are a lot of new people who watch Manga every day, so this icon is handy for those who want to watch the old ones.

Advanced search

There are a typical search bar and an advanced search option on the website. If you want to search for something different, then you have to click on this icon, which makes it easy to search rare Manga.

Manga list

By clicking on this icon, you will find all the genres from which you can choose which kind you want to read. Manga comes for every age group. From older people to young ones, Manga comes for all. Different age groups have different preferences, so it makes it easy to find what you want from this feature.


All of the icons, as mentioned above, are the reason why this website is the best among all currently. Besides these features, this website has a rapid loading feature that attracts users. The website works well for the users, which make them get stick to this site forever.


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