Nitro Nation Cheats – A Legit Gameplay Hack

Nitro Nation Cheats

The Nitro Nation is the best drag racing game of current time with stunning visuals and best-designed cars. But many gamers struggle to collect game currencies from this awesome game. Reasons may be anything, but for them here we will share all the Nitro Nation Cheats that are known to us for receiving the game currencies.

Nitro Nation Cheats for Career Stage Race

Every Race you participate gives you a certain amount of Cash in return, and you can get them in two ways. You get the Cash for the Race in winning the Race that is the first way. However, the Nitro Nation Hack is even you lose, and there are cash rewards for your skill.

If you can make the perfect start and perfect gear changes all over the Race, and still you lose for not having a better or upgraded car, you are given Cash for skills. So try to get this additional Cash through your skills and enhance your earnings.

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Career race stage complete bonus

Career Race Stage

Ten races in every Stage of your career are your first task to complete. You can earn Cash for finishing each Race. But the biggest Nitro Nation 6 Hack is to grab the bonuses.

Once you complete the Stage, you are given a hefty bonus of Cash that you can use as your choice. Generally, it is our suggestion to use it to buy new cars. Following are the bonuses you get in each Stage:

Stage 1$ 50,000
Stage 2$ 50,000Class B License
Stage 3$ 60,000Class B1 License
Stage 4$ 80,000Class A, A1 License
Stage 5$ 120,000Class C,D License
Stage 6$ 220,000Class B1, B License
Stage 7$ 250,000Class A, S, A1 License
Stage 8$ 120,000Class S1 License
Stage 9$ 1,000,000

Live Race with bets

Live Race with Bets is best of Nitro Nation cheats once you have completed Stage one. These races give you additional Cash or coins as rewards. In general, these bets are set by you and your opponent, and you get the right amount of money if you win. But if you lose, the bet amount is reduced.

Lend your cars

After you complete stage 1, one additional driver is given. You can lend him your vehicles that you are not currently using. They will take part in the tournaments, and you can achieve Cash from every competition.

These tournaments generally last for hours. But there is a Nitro Nation Hack to reduce the tournament duration. Watching one video available at the bottom left part of your screen minimizes the length of the tournament for one hour. So if you view enough ads, you can collect the rewards instantly.

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Nitro Nation Free Gold Hack

There are a few onetime offers that give you some additional gold. All these are related to social media. Following are the Nitro Nation cheats and the rewards:

You need not require any Nitro Nation hack apk to get these rewards.

Nitro Nation Free crates

Get Free Crates

In the game, multiple elements like blueprints are required to upgrade your car. Blueprint is an essential element that you get only through purchase. But there is a Nitro Nation Hack to get this item. You have a chance to collect blueprints by opening crates.

Nitro Nation Basic crates:

Nitro nation basic Crate gives you three elements. It may be Cash, gold parts or blueprints. You can buy a Crate for ten gold. But the Nitro Nation cheats to get the basic Crate is straightforward. You can unlock one basic Crate in every eight hours.

Nitro Nation Pro crate

Similar to basic crate Pro crates also gibe you three elements, but they are rare. You can unlock one pro crate every 48 hours.

Nitro Nation Elite crate

Elite crates are hard to get unless you have a VIP mode and lots of gold. You can unlock Elite Crate in exchange of 100 gold. But we do not recommend to buy them as you have our Nitro Nation cheats.

Watch a Video

Click on the “+” of the top right of the screen where your gold and cash meter are displayed. It will open you a chance to get elements and gold for free. Go to the free tab, and you have the following freebies:

  1. Watch a video and get a random upgrade pack
  2. Watch a video and get one gold

Tap-joy Rewards

It is another Nitro Nation Hack to collect rewards for taking part in surveys or completing levels in many other games. There is a vast list available, and the prizes are fantastic.

VIP Levels:

Many Gamers are in search of VIP levels in Nitro Nation, but the first thing to know they are not free not even with Nitro Nation mod apk. Once you have VIP levels subscribed, you get 25 gold every day.

Upgrade your level in VIP

  1. Achievements are unlocked that provides you with some points. Once you accumulate the required points, your Levels are upgraded. On every upgrade, you get Gold 5-15
  2. You can check the target for achievements from your profile page.

If you are keen to get VIP levels, you can do so, but it is not inevitable for Nitro Nation cheats.

Sell Additional Parts

Nitro Nation market is an excellent place to trade some of the additional elements that you can spare without compromising your upgrade. You can get minimum one gold for selling items from your inventory. In the beginning, this is not recommended. But once you know how to hack Nitro Nation, you can use this tip.

Final Words

The above Nitro Nation cheats are made available to you through the experience of pro-gamers who have placed their rank without spending Cash. Who knows whether you are the next to them or not. So happy racing.


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