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Many viewers are still in the understanding that watchcartoononline is dead. Various articles have been published at different sites mentioning their different alternatives. Practically speaking there is no alternative possible to watch cartoon online.

Only the original content with its vast genre can satisfy the true wco lover. And that’s why the site admins have decided to bring back the site with a new domain name. The changed name of the site is Thewatchcartoononline.  So if you are unaware about this news kindly visit the new site and bookmark it first.

As we have receives an altogether new domain it is wise to inspect the site in its modern form. The first thing that attracts is the change of the theme color. The new orange theme looks more vibrant and sends a message of a rising star among the online cartoon sites.

Next is the biggest problem that the site has been into since last few months. The place got notices for hosting contents into its webpage that is not a legit item. It is well-known to everyone that the materials that are available in this kind of site cannot be a legit and copyright item. Through their vast collection, they have filled the complete need in terms of cartoon and anime.

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Coming to the user interface, the new site is also tabbed browsing site. The various tabs that are available are to facilitate the game user with the finding if anime or cartoons.

This process is quite simple. If you are an experienced one and know the name you are searching for the comics and anime, then there is a side search bar attached for you. You can type the name and select whether it is a cartoon or an anime and then go. You will find the desired anime at an instance.

Now let us discuss the listed contents. The site is, as usual, home of a vast quantity of cartoon and anime. The tabbed interface has individual tabs for anime, cartoon movies and ova series. However, the animes are of two different categories. Dubbed and subbed animes. Various users search only dubbed animes. Whereas a few are enthusiastic enough to enjoy only with subtitles.

Features that Attracts:

The downside of the site:

  • A wide range of current and to date cartoons, anime and even animated films are available in the site.
  • Several of the most popular shows, however, are often available via multiple sources/players.
  • Admins check the videos frequently (also a video/player quality user feedback feature has recently introduced) and replaced when they are inactive.
  • As downside we want to point out, this site is a bear to browse without popup-blocking software.
  • Ads can be a little bit cleaner, although in recent months they seem to have become adult.
  • The Web site is smooth and responsive with ad blocking software active, and most videos (but not all) play.

Bottom lines

Watch cartoon online is a great playing site and with its new look and enhancement have shown its determination to stay in the market. For user who loves cartoon and anime, it is an excellent site with consistency, and I will rate it 4 out of 5.


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