Runescape 3 In-Depth Review And Walkthrough

Runescape Review

Runescape 3 is an MMORPG (mass multiplayer online role-playing game) created by Jagex and serves as a direct revolution to Runescape 2 and Runescape Classic. However, many things have changed over the years between iterations. The graphics have been upgraded, along with the combat systems and the pace of the game has been made faster than before, so reaching goals is less time-consuming now.

When new players begin the game, they are greeted with a tutorial which does a fantastic job of explaining all the mechanics of the game through narrative means. It serves as a wonderful way for players to dip into the game that they will be playing for many hours, from now onwards.

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As well as teaching the players how to defend themselves in the game, this tutorial also teaches them how to grab resources, cook food and prepare weapons for themselves. It is here that the player will learn all the basic skills that will be used to progress until the last part of the game. Although slight deviations may occur in between, the core gameplay remains the same. It allows every player to experience a short version of the quests that he is going to be attempting throughout the game.

After the tutorial, players are given freedom to run the world, and can freely level up as they choose, where they’re almost entirely limited by how large their imagination can be. The map of Runescape 3 functions somewhat unique when compared to some of the other MMORPG games.

In this game, not every part of the world is accessible to you unless you’re a paid member of it. For the premium members, there’s freedom to wander out anywhere at their leisure and there are no formulaic zones to level through or quest lines that guide you from one lookout to the next. Players are encouraged to explore and find places on their own.

In addition to a large overworld, players may find themselves stumbling upon vast and dangerous underground caverns and caves, full of monsters. These are the perfect places to get lost, or find treasure. Players who have learned the combat systems well in the first half will find a wide variety of bosses to defeat, both as a group or as an individual, at almost every level out there.

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And for those who follow a more back-laid way of fighting monsters, there is an entire skill dedicated to defeating vast amounts of smaller monsters, known as Slayer. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that at the end of your task, you will have a lump sum of treasure.

If combat isn’t your interest, you’re freely able to play the game, ignoring it altogether in favor of less risky and more relaxed skills such as mining, fishing, wood-cutting or the plethora of artisan skills. Each of these may come handy while making money or leveling up in the game.

Beyond defeating monsters and gathering their loot, Runescape offers 2 types of player combat: safe (prevents you from losing your items upon death) and dangerous (in which you can risk money for great hauls). Because of the level of moderate complexity in the combat, PvP interaction always comes down to the difference in skill level as opposed to a difference in item level. That’s why players are advised to take down enemies that have better armour, provided they are skilled enough to outlay them.



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