True alternatives for Malwarebytes

Are you the one who is not satisfied with the Malwarebytes antivirus software? If yes then don’t worry until we are here. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about some of the alternatives to Malwarebytes antivirus software. Now those who are little confused about which to choose can take help from the information and find their perfect match. Everything has pros and cons the same goes with the antivirus software also. Each one suits to few systems. That is why it is must look the requirements first and then look that which system will suit to that software’s features.


There are many malwarebytes alternatives Available, few of those alternatives are:-

Hitman pro

Hitman pro is the software which helps to detect the virus and clean the computer from virus. It helps to remove not only the small size malwares but also deals with the huge size malware files also. It is portable software which is having lo0ts of new and advanced features in it. Even, this software provides a free trial to the person for 30 days. There are some problems also with this software. There is no pause option while making the scanning and deletion. There is insufficient technical support.

Malwarefox antimalware

It is an anti-adware software which prevents the computer from the wrong activities of malwares and spywares. It gives support to the users for 24/7 hours. Along with these things, it provides detailed reports to the user. The software is not having the ability to select the scanning mode. It is a paid one’s software, and it just gives 14 days’ free trials to use. The features are little complicated which can make the using of this software little tricky.

Comodo antivirus

There is different antivirus software which is having one problem with this, they give ads all the time at the time of using it, but there is no issue with this software. The software provides the facility without any ads showing. One can pause and stop scanning when they want to make it done. It has a high detection level. There are some tools in the software which are explained poorly.

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Malware hunter

It is popular software which protects the computer from its extreme level. The software has interactive scanning proves which is having many details in it. The software is having Avira engine in it which provides high level detection. For better PC optimization, there are extra tools also available in the software. The software is not having the power to check individual files and folders. The scanning reports cannot be exported; it is only made to view. There is one more issue which can create problem a lot. That problem is the software does not provide better technical supports and manuals.

There are other alternatives also can come in use rather than using the Malwarebytes. So check other sites and find information about those alternatives to meet with the right one.


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